Do you have a favorite movie? Mine has always been It’s a Wonderful Life. Yes, I love the fact that it is a Christmas movie. But there is so much more to it than that.

The power and beauty of that story, which is actually based on a book called The Greatest Gift, is that the main character, George Bailey, is given the gift of seeing the impact he has made on the world. Through the work of an angel, he is able to see how the world would be a very different place if it weren’t for his role in it.

We interact with each other every day. Some people in little ways, some people in big ways – but each of us impact each other. Wouldn’t it be powerful if we took the time to let people know the impact they have made in our lives, to let them know how they have changed us or our lives for the better.

The purpose of thegreatestgiftproject.com is to do just that – to take a moment in our busy lives and let people know they have made a difference.

Will you join us?

greatest gift jars image

All you would need to do is write your letter /story to someone who has made an impact in your life for the better. Either write the letter to them on the site or go “old school” and write them a hand written letter and tell us all about it. You don’t have to share the “too personal” details here you are not comfortable with, just take the time to give someone the “greatest gift” to know that the person that they are, the life that they live and the choices they make have made an impact on this world for the better.